Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Snowy Days in the Big TO

This winter in Toronto has been BAD. It seems that we get a big snowstorm every week or so. The funny thing is that every time we have one of these snowstorms, the entire city FREAKS OUT. As I get ready for work each morning, I tune the TV to the local morning newscast, and every time we have one of these snowy days, it seems that they spend the entire time yapping about the "snowstorm". Come on people! This is CANADA. We are all about snowy winters!

I think that Torontonians have gotten so used to these cushy winters with little or no snow, that they no longer know how to deal with it. It seems that every time it snows like this, we get people on the roads who don't drive according to the road conditions. I don't know about you, but it's COMMON SENSE to me to drive more slowly and more cautiously when the roads are slippery. You just don't go 100km/h on a highway that's snow-covered. IT'S NOT SAFE. Then you get the retards who refuse to wipe the snow off of their cars and end up sending sheets of snow and ice flying onto the cars behind them. You're going to be late getting to work anyway because of the crappy weather, so what's a couple of extra minutes to ensure the safety of the people around you? It's really appalling, and I'm surprised that there isn't stiffer legislation in place to fine or jail these jerkwads.

Speaking of snowy days, today is one such day. The roads are crappy again, but drivable. That being said, I had to be up in the burbs today for training, which meant that I would need to cab it there, since we only own one car and the hubby uses it daily to get to work. (Who would've thought that city people would have to commute to the crappy burbs?) Anyway, I opted to come into the office today, because I don't trust cabs on a good day, let alone on a bad day. Don't call me a hypocrite! Cabs are unsafe. These guys drive like maniacs, disobey all of the rules of the road, and spend all of their time talking on their cell phones while driving. What in the hell do have have to talk about ALL DAY that's so bloody interesting??? I certainly don't see them solving world hunger or world poverty. So anyway, I decided to spare myself a long and stressful cab ride and to come into the office instead. Lots of people asked me why I just didn't work from home today. I'll tell you why. When you live a 20-minute subway ride (or 40-minute walk) away from the office, you can't exactly justify working from home on a snowy day now, can you? Oh well, you can't have it all, can you?

So here's to our snowy Toronto winter. A real taste of the Canadian winter that we've been missing for the last few years. Let's hope that at least spring is a tad more forgiving and gives us some pleasant weather to look forward to.

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