Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Miscellaneous Rants

Today I would like to rant about two completely unrelated items. They were both in the news this morning and they both really pissed me off. So without further ado...

Today, one of the big stories in the news was that Toronto Maple Leafs captain Mats Sundin refused to be traded (check it out). Apparently the club wanted to trade him, but there was something in his contract that said he can refuse a trade. People are up in arms either because they think he's dragging the club down by staying or because they don't understand why the club wants to trade him since he's considered a team anchor. And now for my humble opinion: WHO GIVES A FLYING F!@#$??? Seriously people, do you have nothing better to do than worry about some stupid hockey player on some stupid hockey team? Don't worry, I don't discriminate against hockey. I feel that way about ALL professional sports. For the love of god, GET A LIFE. Like no wonder politicians manage to get away with as much as they do. Because people are more concerned with sports than they are with the state of their own country! Geez!

Water Mains
It seems to me that every other day in Toronto, we hear about a broken water main. Today was no exception. Now, maybe where you live, broken water mains are not a frequent occurrence, but here they are. And when water mains break there is some MAJOR flooding. My heart wrenches every time I see footage of a broken water main, because I think of all the countries in the world with populations that don't even have access to clean drinking water, and here we are in Toronto, letting liters upon liters of the stuff flood our streets! What gives? Where does our tax money go? The city cuts our services, jacks up prices for uses of community centers, and yet we don't have money to take care of ailing infrastructure. Not just water mains, but potholes too. And I'm sure there's a slew of other problems that we don't even know about. Maybe if politicians stopped giving themselves raises, stopped spending like there's no tomorrow on personal items, and actually did their jobs and debated the serious issues, then just maybe, we would have fewer occurrences of these things.

Just my two cents.

PS: If you're a hockey fan, I'm sure I've pissed you off to no end. Please feel free to post angry comments. :P

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Anonymous said...

You have pissed me off to no end. We shall discuss this at dinner.