Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dystopian Country

The United States of America is truly an amazing country: vast natural resources, superpower extraordinaire, poster child of the ultimate Terran (Earth) society, economic powerhouse, dystopia. Yes, you heard me. I said dystopia.

Maybe there was once upon a time that the US used to be a great country, but now I see it as nothing more than the typical country often profiled in dystopian films and literature. Here's how the US is a dystopian country:

1. Dystopias have state-run television.
CNN might as well be considered state-run television. Nowadays, the network has turned into nothing more than Bush's personal cheerleading squad. Ironic, given that Bush used to be a cheerleader himself. (Why nobody has ever made too much fun of this is beyond me.) Rather than question his self-serving actions such as the unprovoked attack on Iraq (WMDs my ass!), they just sit there and dole out reasons as to why we should give good 'ole Dubbya a pat on the back.

2. Dystopias have no freedom of speech.
Yes, you heard me. Some Americans may give you a grand 'ole oration about how the US is wonderful with its freedom of speech. HORSE PUCKY! If the US were truly the land of freedom of speech, then why is it that anytime anybody said anything negative about the war in Iraq, they were called unpatriotic? In my opinion those people were the only ones in their right minds.

3. Dystopian leaders are NOT elected.
We all know that Al Gore won the 2001 elections. It's just too bad that the deciding votes were in Florida, which happened to be Jeb Bush country. Al G didn't have a fighting chance.

4. Dystopias are run by religious fanatics.
In Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, the US government is overthrown by a bunch of religious nutjobs who turn the country into this ultra-conservative dictatorship. Some Americans point their fingers at the Islamic fundamentalists in horror, and they forget to look in their own backyard. The Bible Belt is riddled with Christian kooks who would like nothing better than to turn the US into a theocracy. They take their missionaries to 3rd world countries to convert the inhabitants of these countries to Christianity, thinking that they're doing these people a favor. Uh, how would you like it if the Scientologists started coming around trying to convert you? Oh, wait...they already do that. And what's up with this crap of teaching intelligent design over Evolution, or wanting to have prayer in PUBLIC school classrooms? Last I heard, public schools have no religious affiliations. You want to pray in your classroom? Take it to a religious school. Novel idea. Please note that I have nothing against Christianity or any other religion for that matter (no, Scientology is NOT a religion). What DOES piss me off is when people use religion to satisfy their own personal agenda.

5. Dystopian governments are not nice
There were NO WMDs. I repeat: there were NO WMDs. Maybe if I say it enough times, the American press might do the proper investigation into the real reason why the US went to war with Iraq. Do you think they care how opressive Saddam was towards his people? If they did, they would've ousted him years ago. And they would've done the same for Afghanistan. I'll give you a hint: it's gooey and black and it's not the tar monster that killed Tasha Yar. If you said oil, then you just won yourself a pat on the back! Yes, the US invaded Iraq because of the oil. Iraq has the 2nd largest oil reserves in the Middle East (the largest are in Saudi Arabia). And guess what? Most of these oil reserves are untapped! With Saddam out of the picture, those oil fields would be mighty easy to get to, right? Well, I guess Dubbya didn't count on Iraqi insurgency. Can anybody say "oops!"

I would like to stress that although I have nothing against Americans (I think they're fine overall), I do have a bone to pick with the government of the United States. Before going around trying to police the world, how about policing yourselves. Maybe if you took your heads out of your asses and breathed some of our polluted air, you'd see that you're not the only ones on the planet.

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Anonymous said...

Another sign that America is becoming a dystopia: All the top television shows are reality shows. Pretty soon, America is going to be like the world from the Running Man. Maybe the scenario from V for Vendetta will come true.

Honestly.... you have to wonder, how will America ever be able to get out of its involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq? By that time, the Canadian loonie will be worth $1.50 US.