Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Old Fart Recycling

They say that there are 2 things that are always guaranteed: death and taxes. Well, I have another item to add to the list: politicians. It seems to me that politicians start early and try to get anything they can grab as far as elected positions go. In school, you always saw the same people running for student council. As our budding politicians got older, they tried to go for bigger fish - perhaps getting elected to the school board, or the condo committee. Some of them even make it into municipal politics or better yet, federal politics.

And once they make it into federal politics, they stay...and stay...and stay. For example, did you know that our good pals Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld worked for none other than Pappy Bush? And it's not just them. The guys in US and Canadian government have been around since the middle ages, working in different positions under different administrations. And they won't go away. They just keep getting recycled around in the realm of federal politics or provincial/state politics until they finally croak. This is what I like to call Old Fart Recycling (OFR). No wonder we never get any fresh new politicians on the scene - the old ones are hogging all the space! And by the time the old ones finally die, the *new* ones are old and bitter and corrupt. Yay democracy!

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