Monday, February 27, 2006

Still On Hold

At 10:25pm today, I decided to give ING Direct a call on their 24-hour support line to get some info on one of their accounts. It is now 10:54pm. I'm still on hold. Not only that, but I'm forced to hear their wretched "you're on hold" music. I can just think of the lowly composer who makes his living writing crappy music that people must be subjected to while on hold. I wonder if that person would go insane just listening to one of their crappy compilations for extended periods of time? But the real culprit here isn't the poor soul trying to get their big break in the music industry by composing "you're on hold" music. No's the fault of the first guy in some big corporation who thought it would be neat to play music while putting customers endlessly on hold. If I ever found out who he (or she) was, I would call up that person's house and make them listen to this rotten ING music for half an hour.

PS: I ended up hanging up on them...30 min of this music was starting to kill brain cells. :S


Adam S. said...

Bell is even better.. not to mention that they aren't willing to admit/correct their own mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe these guys would provide better customer support.