Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have had some very frustrating dealings with server infrastructure people, and I'm pretty sure that my blood pressure has skyrocketed lately. Today was no exception. Today, I sent an e-mail to our dev DBA to find out the size of our DB log files to figure out how much space to allocate for production. Here's more or less how it went:

Attempt #1
Me: What's the size of the log files for DB instance ABC?
Reply: The log files are fine.

Attempt #2
Me: Yes, but how big are they?
Reply: Unlimited, as long as you have enough disk space

Attempt #3
Me: Yes, but I need to know their current size.
Reply: What database?


PS: I did finally find out the size, but not before I nearly pulled out my hair over this. These things shouldn't be so hard...

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