Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The RAM Lady

Today someone from tech support came to install RAM on my desktop at work. Let's call her the RAM Lady. This would give me a grand total of 2GB RAM on my machine. This is a bit sad on two levels. First, why, as a developer, did I *only* have 1GB on my machine to begin with. Secondly, while I am a technically a developer, I seem to be doing anything but, these days. Yes, I'm on a development team. Yes, I even write up tech specs and provide technical guidance. But I don't do any development. None. Nada. Zip. Nope, my team does configuration work on a vendor product, and the vendor does all the custom dev. Yup, we're configuration monkeys. Oh, the fun.

But that's not why I'm writing this post. I am writing this post because, although the RAM Lady DID come to my desk today to install that extra 1GB RAM and she DID actually physically install the RAM, the installation did not take. The funny thing is she waited for me to log back in to check the total amount of RAM. And when she checked the computer properties, she saw what appeared to be the right amount - ~2GB. Unfortunately, it was NOT the right amount. I had caught a glimpse of the properties screen and re-checked as she walked away. She had mistaken the processor speed (2.66 GHz) for the amount of RAM (a very sad 980MB).

I tried to catch her as she walked away, but alas, the RAM Lady was too fast. I have no idea where she could've gone so quickly. Maybe she has a site-to-site transporter? Or maybe I've been watching too many "Star Trek" re-runs. RAM Lady, RAM Lady, come back!!!

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