Monday, July 27, 2009

IP Phone Woes

We got these fancy new IP phones at work last week. They sure are nicer than our crappy old, out-of-date Bell phones. Unfortunately, we have a few problems. Problem number one: our network is less than stable. We often experience network connectivity hiccups throughout the day. I don't use my desk phone all that much myself, but what about those poor employees who are thethered to their phones all day? Point of irony here: I work in a VERY LARGE IT department.Problem number two. We each only have one network port at our desks, so the phone acts as a little hub. The phone connects to the LAN port, and my desktop mooches off of my phone's LAN connection. Last week, I came into work to find my phone desperately searching for the DHCP server and my desktop unable to log into the network domain. I fixed one out of two when I decided to try plugging my computer directly into the LAN port at my desk. No working phone.Problem number three. The company who provides support for these phones is comprised of idiots. I called my cell phone the from my desk phone last week, to find out my desk number (new desk - just got back from mat-leave). I was pleasantly surprised to see that it displayed my name on my cell phone's call display. After my phone died and was automagically fixed, I called myself again. This time, the number was different and both my first and last names were butchered. I complained about the name spelling and they said that they'd fix it. I provided them with the proper spelling, of course. Today, I tried again. On the bright side, my phone number hasn't changed. Unfortunately, they still could spell neither my first name nor my last name correctly. And when I complained again, they said they'd have to shorten my first name to the first initial only because my full name exceeded the maximum character limit. I know that this is total hooey because last Monday, my name was spelled correctly in full and did not get cut off.Now, I may not have the easiest name to spell, but it's certainly not rocket science. Especially when I GAVE them the correct spelling. Seriously, people should learn to read work e-mails a little more closely. I don't think the Phone Buddy would be all that pleased if his/her name were butchered.
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