Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Don't Put Food in My Mouth!

Today, as I rode the subway to work, I couldn't help but notice an ad staring me in the face. It was talking about how pigs are smart, sensitive creatures who sing to their young and like to huddle together. And then it goes on to say something along the lines of "Why love one, and eat the other?" The one you're loving being a dog, and the one you're eating being the pig. And then there's the big 'ole "Choose Vegeterian" text at the bottom, along with a URL, www.chooseveg.com.

This is obviously good advertisement, because not only am I blogging about it, I am also linking to the URL. But I'm not blogging about it to tell you that this ad has made a convert out of me. Rather, I'm here to tell you that I find it rather insulting. I find it insulting because the ad is essentially telling me that I am not compassionate if I choose to continue being an omnivore. That I am being mean to the pigs.

Now, I don't agree with industrial farming practices and its inhumane treatment of animals, but that's a whole other story. And by the way, there are more humane alternatives to getting your meat, if meat from industrial farms doesn't tickle your fancy. There's the do-it-yourself approach (i.e. hunting), and for those who aren't hunters, there are farmer's markets. But I digress...

The problem at hand here is that I'm being made to feel guilty over the fact that I am eating meat. First of all, humans are omnivores "by design" (oh gOd, the creationists will come after me for this one). Eating both meat and veggies gives us the nutrients that we need. Now, I won't lie to you - I don't get vegeterians, and I most certainly don't get vegans. At the same time, it's a lifestyle choice, and they can eat whatever the hell they want. I don't get why they have to be all self-righteous and go around pushing their views on everyone. What the hell? I really hope that someone puts out a "Choose Meat" ad campaign in retaliation.
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Mr. Shiny and New said...

Personally I partly agree with the ad: it is hypocritical of many people that they eat one animal and not the other. There was a story recently about Cantonese restaurants serving cat and how this isn't against the law in China, so the activists have to resort to violence and "Education".

I say, go ahead and eat the cats. Many cats are pests anyway since people can't be bothered to spay or neuter their pets. My main concern is that such meat, being black- or grey-market is not inspected... but then again, we're talking about China.

I think there should be more choices of meat products in Canada. Why are we stuck with cow, pig, lamb, and poultry? I should be able to buy ostrich in the grocery store, or dog or cat. There's no difference between any of these animals, really.

And where do vegetarians draw the line? why should a cow be off-limits? Because it's alive? What about carrots? Even vegans are hypocrites until they learn to photosynthesize.