Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What the Hell?

Today, when I came into the office, I was greeted by a large, shiny newsletter from the building's property management company. The irony is that plastered all over the front page of the newsletter were tips on going green at the office.

Here's a tip that they should've thought of: stop printing stupid useless newsletters that nobody will read. It's a waste of energy, paper, and ink. And who knows what toxic cocktail is in that ink. I'm pretty sure that everyone in the building who gets these newsletters has an e-mail account. We get e-mail forwards from the property management company sent to the office admins all the time, so I doubt that it's THAT big a deal to send us a PDF of the newsletter instead? Better it end up in my e-mail trash bin than in my physical recycling bin, where there's no guarantee that it will even end up being recycled. PATHETIC.

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