Sunday, June 01, 2008

Just Another Notch on the Belt

I may be an atheist, but I do have some conservative tendencies. For one thing, I don't believe in one-night-stands, and casual flings. Must've been that Catholic upbringing. So when I read this article of life imitating art (or is it the other way around) à la "Sex and the City" style, I found it a bit perturbing.

In a nutshell, the article states that the sexual misadventures of the "Sex and the City" gals are actually pretty average for women in Manhattan. Basically it argues that women who live there tend to be career-driven, financially-independent whose priorities don't include getting married quite so soon. It also goes on to say that all this casual sex is empowering for the women, since these women tend to be more liberal, higher-educated, and have higher self-esteem.

If anything, I think that these women have low self-esteem, because it seems to me that they judge their self-worth by the number of men (or women) they sleep with. And let's be honest - I think that MOST women are brought up thinking that they HAVE to get married. Yes, there are some exceptions, but must of us grow up with images of fairy-tale weddings and being swept off our feet by Prince Charming. So get real, sister.

I also think that these women obviously don't have too much of an imagination if they think that going out on a date must culminate into a sexual romp. Sex isn't the be-all-end-all. I'm not saying that it's "just" used for procreation. That just seems so...functional... At the same time, it's something pretty personal, and seeing women trivializing sex on TV, making it seem as casual as giving out hugs, just cheapens the whole thing.

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