Friday, April 11, 2008

TPS Report Moment

Well, I just had a bit of TPS Report moment. On my old project, I left a few files checked out in ClearCase. Mind you, when I took a look at the files, it turns out that they were checked out unreserved, so as far as I'm concerned, no harm in that. Anyway, I was busy plugging away at some code and didn't notice an e-mail come in from my former team lead about said checked-out (albeit unreserved) files.

I guess I didn't reply back fast enough (she'd sent the e-mail 30 minutes earlier), so she came to my desk to see me about it. That was when I noticed that they were checked out unreserved. *shrugs* No biggie. But I guess it keeps her awake at night, so she had me reverse my checkouts, and that was that.

After she left my desk, I got a call from some ClearCase admin guy who I'd never heard of, bugging me about the same thing. Geez. When I said I'd do it, I meant it. In fact, I'd just finished reversing my checkouts, so no reason for him to be on my ass too. I politely explained that my former team lead had already spoken to me about this and that the issue was under control. He seemed to think that I had no idea how to use ClearCase. Granted, it's a piece of crap tool that's way too complicated for its own good, but that's another story for another time.

Anyway, case closed now, but holy cow are these people antsy!

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