Friday, December 14, 2007

Stupid People Elect Stupid Governments

That's pretty blunt, but as a friend pointed out, it's fairly accurate. Let's take two examples.

The Harper Government in Canada
Back in 2006 when Harper and his fellow conservatives were elected to a minority government, those who came out to vote were so hell-bent on ousting the Liberals because of the sponsorship scandal that they didn't really pay attention to all of the nonsense that the Conservatives were saying during the election campaign. The result? We have a government that's more concerned with milking Alberta's oil riches without any regard for the environmental impacts. Couple that with their latest and greatest display in the House of Commons, pointing fingers at Liberals for siding with theCanadian Nuclear Safety Commission for rightfully shutting down the plant amid safety concerns, and this whole thing is starting to look messy. It's too bad that most Canadians are so misinformed that they don't even realize what's going on around them.

The Bush Administration in the US
It was bad enough that Bush was "elected" a first time...but then given the chance to redeem themselves, Americans ACTUALLY voted Bush in for a 2nd term in office! WTF? Couple that with the whole Iraq blunder, the CIA operative identity leak, along with who knows what else that administration is keeping secret, and well, it pretty much speaks for itself. Of course, Americans have a chance to redeem themselves with the 2008 presidential election less than 1 year away. Sadly though, the American people seem to be more concerned with trivial issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and candidates' religious affiliations. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the US founded on the principle of separation of church and state? And while Americans are wasting their time worrying about whether or not Mitt Romney's Jesus is the same as Mike Huckabee's Jesus, shouldn't they be worrying about domestic and foreign policy? Just my two cents.

But hey, who am I to knock the will of the people. Clearly they're super-informed and they know who they want to represent them in office. Keep it up, and totalitarianism won't be far behind.

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