Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blown Away

I recently went to the Tea Shop 168 at 768 Yonge St. in Toronto during a sweltering heat wave. While I was ordering, a lady came into the store and asked the girl at the counter to close the door so as to not waste energy. The girl's response was that her boss ordered the employees to keep the door open. A few comments:

  1. Her boss is an idiot.

  2. It's wonderful how during a heat wave, when the power grid is being pushed to the limit, we have store owners concerning themselves with keeping their doors open, rather than about how they can minimize both energy costs and strain to the power grid. These guys are all seeing green, and unfortunately, it's the wrong kind.

In the coming weeks, I will be taking note of these air conditioning offenders and will post a list of the stores and their addresses on this site. In the meantime, Tea Shop 168 can be proud to have been chosen as my showcase store. Feel free to call that location at 416-923-8168 to voice your complaints.

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