Friday, December 11, 2009

I Hate Townhall Meetings

I hate townhall meetings at work. They are long and boring, and quite
frankly, I have much better things to do. You know, like that work

A few weeks ago, we had a townhall meeting hosted by some big-shot VP.
We happened to be in the middle of a big crunch at work, and yet,
myanager told us that this meeting was mandatory. So basically attend
the meeting in the middle of a big crunch and potentially have to work
overtime for the time lost attending this stupid, useless meeting.
What gives?

And they ARE stupid and useless. A typical townhall meeting consists
of the following:
1. Overview of company strategy
2. Intro to new buzzwords that clearly gave thearketingfolks their
3. What's in the "pipeline"? (Empty promises, that's what.)
4. The state of the company (Just tell me whether or not I get to keep
my job.)
5. Q&A (For some strange reason, some people actually pay attention to
this hooey and feel compelled to further waste my time by sucking up -
I mean asking questions.)

Please pleas please, no more townhall meetings unless they involve a
catered lunch (but not those crappy sandwiches), and/or a game of
laser tag. Otherwise, just let me actually be productive and get my
work done.

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