Sunday, October 25, 2009

Recruiter FUBAR

I received the following e-mail from a recruiter last week. This letter truly takes the cake for sloppiest e-mail sent by a recruiter. This recruiter is so incompetent that he forgot to take out the blanks in his form letter.

Take a look at the actual letter, in all its glory. Please note that I've replaced the actual name of the recruitment company and job position (no, I am NOT a Sr. Basket Weaver).

Dear __IndyComp0T1__________,

My name is Joe Recruiter, a senior recruitment specialist with Recruitment Co. I came across your active profile in and would like to inquiry whether you are still looking for a new role. In case you are still open for new opportunities, one of our major clients is currently looking to fill an __Senior Basket Weaver______________ position that I believe matches well with your skills and qualifications.

This is 6 months contract with an option to be hired as a permanent employee. The rate is between 65-85 CAD per hour. Please send me a copy of your up-to-date resume together with yoiur desired hourly rate and I will follow up with you shortly.

FYI, Recruitment Co. is a recruitment boutique for Information technology professionals. We provide staffing and recruitments services to dozens of clients across Your City.

Best Regards,

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