Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Make that Ringing Stop!

So much for peace and quiet. I came into the office at 7am this morning. While I hate waking up early to make it into the office early, there is something to be said for the serenity you get at the office when NOBODY is around. Except that this morning, I had company. As I walked into the office, I heard a cell phone ringing. CONTINUOUSLY. It is still going on, and it's about 7:45am now. For all I know, it was probably going on for hours. I thought that maybe someone left their phone at their desk overnight or something and some poor unwitting soul was trying to reach the owner of said phone. But then the phone wouldn't be ringing continuously like that. It would probably go to voicemail or just cut off. I guess it must be one of those walkie-talkie phones that Bell used to offer. (Or still offers?)

I walked down the hall to investigate where this sound was coming from. And then I spotted it. Not the phone itself. A package. And the phone was INSIDE the package. For a split-second there, I thought I was in the Matrix or something. Whoa!

I really hope that whatever this thing is, its rightful owner arrives soon so that this ringing can go away already. It's driving me nuts!

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