Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's a BlackBerry Miracle!

Well, it seems that I wasn't the only one bitching about the crappy BlackBerry plans that Rogers offers. I found out last week that for $30/month, Rogers was offering 300MB of data per month on the BlackBerry. A definite improvement over the $40 for 7MB of data per month. Mind you, that only applies to BIS and not BES, so if for whatever reason work actually allowed me to receive e-mail on my BlackBerry, the plan would be worthless to me.

Since that's not the case (i.e. work does not allow me to get on the BES - I'm too much of a peon, I guess), I decided that I should take advantage of this Canadian Data Miracle. I went to a Rogers store to change my BlackBerry plan, since the blowholes at Rogers have made such a crappy Web site that I can't change my plan online. When I got there, I found out that until August 31st, they were offering 6GB - yes, 6 GIGABYTES - of data for $30/month. AWESOME!!! UNFORTUNATELY...

If I did it through them at the store, they would charge me a $100 cancellation fee. If I did it by phone, however, they would NOT charge me the $100 cancellation fee. I won't even begin getting into the nonsensical nature of this stupid rule. Whatever. If I can avoid being charged $100 for doing this over the phone, then so be it. So I called up Rogers, and got my plan switched. Although this isn't exactly on par with the unlimited data plans in the US, it's good enough, especially since my BlackBerry has built-in WiFi. Besides, as a BlackBerry user, I get an even better deal than those iPhone nuts out there, because RIM compresses data like mad on the BlackBerry, so my 6GB data per month will go a long way compared to 6GB of data per month on the iPhone. NEENER NEENER NEENER!

Now, if only Rogers would extend this type of plan to BES users, then we'd be in business.

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