Tuesday, July 08, 2008

BlackBerry Data Plans Suck Even More!

Everyone and their brother seems to be complaining about the Rogers data plans for iPhone. Granted, they suck compared to the iPhone data plans in the US, which offer unlimited data. That being said, I don't get why BlackBerry users aren't more pissed off by the plan that Rogers is offering for the iPhone. Why, you ask? Because the iPhone data plan is still WAY WAY WAY better than the Rogers BlackBerry plans. Consider the Rogers BlackBerry voice & data plans versus the iPhone voice & data plans.

For a whopping $90 you get:
- 25 MB of data
- 350 weekday minutes
- unlimited evenings and weekends

For a whopping $75 you get:
- 750 MB of data
- 300 weekday minutes
- unlimited evenings and weekends
- 100 sent text messages
- visual voicemail

So granted, the iPhone plans in Canada don't include unlimited data, but look at how crappy the BlackBerry plans are compared to the iPhone plans. Who should be complaining now?


RIMaxwell said...

So it turns out that Rogers has made changes to their blackberry plans after all (But don't worry, they still find a way to screw us over).


They've increased their plans for BIS users but for anyone that uses BES it stays the same!

For anyone that is not familiar with BIS and BES:
- BIS is Blackberry Internet Service, it allows you to browse the web and get POP/MAPI access to eMail accounts such as your GMail or HotMail accounts.
- BES is the Blackberry Enterprise Server, it allows you to get push based eMail from your work accounts and to synchronize your calendar. With BES you still can also do everything that you would usually do with BIS such as browse the web, use personal eMail accounts, and instant messaging.

When you sign up for Blackberry service you get a dataplan for either BIS or BES.

So as BES user I pay $60/month to get 25MB of data usage. Now compare this to what is now available for BIS, for $60/month you get 1GB of data usage!

Their excuse is that the new plans are for “Consumers” only and not for “Businesses”. Well guess what, I might be a BES user but I pay for it out of my own pocket my employer doesn’t pay for a cent of it!

Their additional excuse is that Bell and Telus don’t provide better plans for BES users so why should Rogers do any different. What happened to trying to be competitive and offer something additional that your competitors don’t provide.

This makes no sense… Rogers…YOU SUCK!!!!! Do the right thing and offer the plans to both BIS and BES customers.

Adam S. said...

The 6GB for $30 (assuming there are not any conditions I'm not aware of.. and there probably are.. because, you know, it's Rogers) seems pretty reasonable.

What *I* don't get.. is how an iPod (because an iPhone is supposed to be an iPod) with bluetooth doesn't support.. bluetooth headphones (ie. A2DP bluetooth profile)! Bah! Is that feature so obvious that someone just forgot to include it? Boggles the mind, really, it does..