Monday, June 23, 2008

Bureaucracy at its Best

We're in week 4 of our kitchen renovations, and, apart from a couple fof snags here and there, things have been moving along. We did have one minor incident alst week, however, which merits a blog post.

Last week, we had some materials delivered to the house, and amidst some commotion on the street during the day, the delivery truck hit the fire hydrant in front of our house and knocked it over. Fortunately it didn't hit the valve, so we didn't end up with flooding on the street - whew!

Anyway, the City of Toronto First Responder was called over, and, even though he had all of the equipment on hand to fix up the hydrant, all he did was put some pylons around the knocked-down hydrant. He then proceeded to wait around for an hour until the next guy came to move the hydrant out onto the sidewalk from off of the street.

A few days later, another guy came to actually FIX the hydrant. But the crowning touch was the return of the First Responder guy to REMOVE the pylons he'd originally put down.

And we wonder why the City of Toronto is in financial trouble...
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