Monday, August 13, 2007

Doormen Don't Have Arms Either

It appears that our appeals for retailers in Toronto to keep their doors closed when they decide to blast their Air Conditioners on a hot summer day have fallen on deaf ears. Below is a brief update on the state of the stores we surveyed in the Yonge and Bloor area.

Holt Renfrew:
In spite of our original e-mail to Barbara Wolfson at Holt Renfrew, we have not, to this date, received a response from her. This is extremely unprofessional, and I urge you all to boycott that store. That is, if you can even afford their stuff. To add to this intolerable situation, we did encounter the Holt Renfrew doorman upon return from his vacation. We've made a startling discovery: THE HOLT RENFREW DOORMAN DOESN'T OPEN DOORS!!! No, your eyes aren't failing you. It's true! We saw it with our very eyes! On the day we walked by the store, we were horrified to find the doorman standing by two sets of open doors (inner and outer doors), casually chit-chatting with would-be customers. When we asked him about the door situation, he acted as if there was nothing he could do. The only suggestion he made was to close the inner set of doors, although I'm sure that after we closed those doors, a lazy customer decided to prop it open again. After all, we did discover last time that Holt Renfrew shoppers don't have arms. Apparently, neither does their doorman.

Other Stores:
It appears that in spite of our best efforts, even the stores from my previous post that we did convince to close their doors on that hot summer day a few weeks ago have all but forgotten their duties to the planet as good environmentally-conscious citizens.

Alas, sad and sobering to realize that those of us in the Western world are too caught up in our materialistic existence to care about the well-being of the planet we leave to our children and grandchildren. We will not give up on our plight though! The next step is to try to convince the municipal or even the provincial government to do something about this. I'm a bit doubtful on the effectiveness of the provincial government though, given that good 'ole Mr. Miller has turned into a whiney baby who cuts city services if he doesn't get his way. Ugh...what has this world turned to?

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