Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Post-Vacation Blahs

I just got back from two awesome weeks of vacation. What did I do? Not much, and it was great. The sad part was having to say good-bye to many a wonderful thing such as:

- Sleeping in
- Going to bed late
- Making spur-of-the-moment plans
- Watching re-runs of 90210 on TVTropolis (ooops...wait...still do that - thank-you PVR gods!)
- Coding into the wee hours of the morning (yes, GEEK)

And now it has all come to a grinding halt and I once again have to face the world of work. Here you go from this care-free existence to having to once again brave the Work World. Time to get back into the groove and figure out what the hell has been going on for the two weeks since you've been gone. Here's a summary of what you could be facing upon your return:

Scenario A: Play The Lottery, You Lucky Dog!
The gods will have smiled upon you during your absence and things will magically resolve themselves. Critical decisions will have been made. Projects will have gone into production on time. Code promotions will have happened without a hitch.

Scenario B: You've Definitely Angered Some God On Another Planet
Even though you've spent the last week before your vacation working overtime to ensure that everyone knows what you're supposed to do while you're gone, the poop hits the fan and the Powers that Be blame you for everything that has gone wrong, and the guy covering for you gets a nice pat on the back for doing such a great job during your absence.

Regardless of what happens to you, one thing remains true. When you get back from vacation, you almost always experience the post-vacation blahs. I guess it's a part of life but hey, as they say, it is better to have vacationed and returned to work, than to never have vacationed at all. ;-)

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