Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pet Peeves

I would like to dedicate today's post to my list of all-time pet peeves (for now). Enjoy!

IndyComp0T1's Pet Peeves (in no particular order)

  1. Outlook meeting conflicts. When people schedule meetings without checking your Outlook schedule and wind up conflicting with previously-schedule meetings.

  2. Backwards toilet paper. I really pisses me off when custodial staff put toilet paper rolls on backwards, since it is annoying as hell to pull the sheets off.

  3. Charmin commercials. Do I really want to think about a bear going to the crapper?

  4. Smokers. I hate it when I'm sitting outside on the patio of some restaurant and a smoker lights up. Last time I checked, I didn't order the side-dish of death, thank-you very much.

  5. Littering smokers. Most smokers aren't courteous enough to throw cigarette butts on the ground when they're done smoking. It's funny how they think that they think that cigarette butts don't count as litter.

  6. Idiots. Like when people refer to their computer desktop wallpaper as their screensaver. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME BLOODY THING!!!

  7. Disrespectful morons. I don't drink because I don't like the taste of alcohol. I've been at company events in the past whereby I explicitly tell people that I don't drink, and yet they keep bugging me to have a drink. I think it makes them uncomfortable that I don't need to drink to have a good time. No means no, asshole!

  8. Riding the subway at rush hour. People always stand in my personal space, and being short-ish, I wind up standing under some guy's armpit. Gross.

  9. Whiney women. Since I work in a cubicle farm, I oftentimes hear the guys at the office take calls from their girlfriends/wives and spend half the time trying to calm down their whining. Grow some balls and deal with it, woman!

  10. People who don't wash their hands after going to the washroom. Come on people, that's DISGUSTING!!!

  11. Narrow-minded people. Some people have their opinions when they're neither well-informed nor open to other people's viewpoints.

  12. Racial intolerance. I find it really annoying when some people make judgements on other people purely based on their cultural background rather than on their personality.

  13. Whiney people. I absolutely hate it when people whine and whine and whine and whine about their problems, yet do nothing about them. It's annoying, and it makes me not want to hang out with these people. We all have problems. Either ask your friends for help and take their advice, or take your own action...but DO SOMETHING!!!

  14. People who can't be bothered to spell my name correctly. My name appears at the bottom of my e-mail signature...yet people have their own notions on how to spell my name. RTFS (read the fracking signature) people!

  15. People in the service industry who can't communicate. I'm sorry, but I don't think it's discrimination to expect someone in the service industry (i.e. people who deal with people constantly on a daily basis) to speak to you in an intelligible way, and in turn understand what you are saying. You cannot put someone behind the counter at a fast-food place who can barely utter a word of English or French (vive Qu├ębec!)'s aggravating!

  16. Parades. Parades are annoying, disrupt city traffic, and are outright tacky.

  17. Marathons. Other than the fact that they exist purely to flaunt how good certain people are at suffering through 41.3km of running (purely masochistic in my opinion), they are annoying and again disruptive to city traffic. Go find a big park to run in, but stay out of the city.

  18. Paris Hilton. I really don't get it. She doesn't do anything except go to parties. And no, I cannot take her singing career seriously. She's not even that good-looking yet guys flock to her. WHY???

  19. Teen smokers. I can understand if you're a smoker and you're a part of the generation of people who didn't know that smoking was bad for you. It's forgivable. But to live in this day and age as a teenager and to take up smoking is just stupid. Do you have that little self-esteem that your identity is solely based on whether or not you're accepted by a group of equally-stupid and non-confident people?

  20. Spoiled stars. Just because you have tons of money to burn doesn't mean you should spend it on $300 underwear or ugly-ass-yet-still-expensive Channel sunglasses. Follow the footsteps of Bono, Bill Gates (though Microsoft can get on my nerves, you have to admire the charity work he does), and Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie and do something worthwhile with your money. Or if you're still too self-absorbed to make a difference in this world, at least live a more moderate lifestyle. Do you really need all that crap you buy???

Please feel free to write in with your own list of pet peeves, or if you disagree with anything I've posted.

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Anonymous said...

1) From a purely ergonomic point of view, Outlook is still better than Lotus Notes, which I must suffer through all the time with. And you'll be lucky if the scheduler, and meeting alarm actually works as advertised.

2) Backwards toilet paper? Doesn't paper work the same way from both sides?

4, 5, 19) Meh

6) I only have a problem with this if the person in question is in the IT business.

7) I think they are fine if you order water or juice or something in lieu of the alcohol.

9, 13) Clearly, those people should simply start a blog instead. ;-)

10) Agreed.

11) I don't quite get why people are too narrow-minded all the time to see that I'm the one who's right and they're always wrong. :-)

12) People in general should never over-generalize like that based on cultural and ethnic background. They should find other attributes to over-generalize with instead.

14) So... how do people spell your name?

16) Parades are fun. They tend to bring extra cash into the local economy as well as bring up the spirit of that community.

17) I think people participate in marathons, not to be masochistic or to flaunt, but just to challenge themselves and push themselves to be better.

18) Maybe this is how Hollywood works. Be pretty and social and inherit loads of cash. Just your typical American Dream(tm) come true.

20) You mean like Lindsay Lohan and her wish to go to Iraq?